5 Snacks That Won’t Ruin Your Supper

Perks of Apple
You know that familiar feeling all too well: It’s only an hour until dinner, but you’re starving. You can either hold out and risk overeating, or have a snack, even though it’s tempting to inhale the entire bag of pretzels. But there’s a plan B—make these healthy, guilt-free snacks, all for 200 calories or less. Lemony Fruit Dip Sure, an apple makes a great snack, but this lemony dip, with its light texture and tangy flavor, will give any fruit a kick. The base of low-cal whipped topping...

7 Ways To Beat Your Food Addiction

Seven Ways Blog
It’s an all-too-common scenario: You wake up in the morning swearing today’s the day when you’ll eat clean, nourish yourself with a healthy breakfast at home, and pass up the glistening bakery goodies that tempt you every day. You make it to work without incident and then stress hits—any kind of stress, from a new project deadline to a caustic remark from your boss. A little while later, you find yourself with pastries in hand, wolfing down sugary anesthetics and wanting more. When you fin...

The Lowdown On Free Radicals

They sound…ominous. Time to clear up the mystery of what, exactly, free radicals are―and learn how to combat them. First the science lesson: A free radical is an unstable molecule, one whose naturally paired electrons have been split up, explains Anne Chapas, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine, in New York City. The remaining unpaired electron is highly reactive, seeking out another electron to pair with and become stable. The problem i...