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Don’t be a Breast Cancer Statistic! Learn How to Prevent Breast Cancer!

Are you concerned about breast cancer?

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Affecting 1-in 8 women, breast cancer is one of the most common and devastating diseases in the world, meaning it’s impacted almost everyone on a personal or family level. We want to change that forever.

That’s why from May 15-20 along with 17 other leading breast health and cancer prevention experts, Dr. Slavin will be speaking in the Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference. Please join us as we share comprehensive, inspiring and educational information on what women can do to prevent the formation of cancer before they ever have to rely on a cure.

Here are just a few reasons to virtually attend:

  • 18 Global Leaders on Cancer Studies, Research and Prevention
  • Full Access to In-Depth Personal Interviews
  • Enjoy Inspiring Information from the Comfort of Home
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This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from world renowned breast cancer prevention leaders—and all for FREE.

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